By: Tara D’Uva

Aging is not what it used to be and it’s time we embrace a new approach to growing older. As a society we need to set our expectations of higher quality care and services and recognize that by meeting the needs of older adults, they can continue to live life fully at any age.

Leveraging virtual technology today allows for seniors to continue exploring the world and experiencing family events that they may have been physically held back from before. This is one of the special features that Sycamore Living, in East Hanover has added for their residents. An example of this is their Virtual Reality software.

In long-term care, such as the program at Sycamore, safety and patient-centered care must be at the forefront of every patient plan. There needs to be an approach based not only on clinical needs, but also by the health goals that are a priority for the patient. Patients need the physical and emotional support required to fully recover. Sycamore Living is leading the industry in applying most current research-based approaches while building social connections and support are what make up the most dynamic care plans that all people are deserving of.

In addition, routines, comfort and independence are imperative to healthy senior living. Human beings are drawn to familiar settings and routines. Finding a community with continuing care may be a very important piece when looking for the right place for you or your loved one. From independent living, to skilled nursing and memory care, remaining in the same environment offers a sense of familiarity, comfort, and security. The Sycamore Living community is a top choice for seniors as they are eager to remain independent and active while planning what will make them the happiest and most comfortable in the years to come. Sycamore Living is a community that meets the needs of all levels of active and independent lifestyles with the ability to support and accommodate health changes as they occur. In the scientific journal of the British Geriatrics Society, the authors found that an increase in happiness is directly proportional with a reduction in mortality. Growing older should not lead to a reduction of freedoms and choices.

Sycamore’s philosophy is that physical and psychological needs should be met simultaneously. Sycamore’s unique design of living in “Neighborhoods”, the creation of Main Street, where members can pop into the movie theatre, salon or cafe, and enjoy the high quality food and drinks offered allows older adults the freedom and ability to have their physical and psychological needs seamlessly met.

There is finally a desirable option as to how to spend your later years. If you haven’t toured Sycamore Living in East Hanover, it’s worth the visit. Providing research based practices, highest quality care-workers/medical staff and keeping safety, respect and comfort at the forefront, Sycamore has set the bar for what senior living should and will be.